Recapping CES and NRF 2022: The Biggest Takeaways

We’re wrapping up a busy start to 2022 with major conferences this month from CES and NRF. Both shows are annual staples in the technology space, providing an exciting opportunity to look into the crystal ball and see what innovations may be just around the corner. Here’s what our team took away from both conferences.


Digital innovation across verticals

With more consumers expecting seamless digital experiences organizations across verticals are working to catch up. CES this year included several potential solutions that can help companies compete and build a positive brand experience and reduce employee workloads. From in-home health care for consumers to solutions like food production enabled by tech CES highlighted the opportunities there are for technology to address specific challenges that different industries face.

AR and VR reign supreme

CES has always shown off exciting new technologies that draw you in, and this year was no different. Building on the excitement around the metaverse, AR and VR played major roles in this year’s show. From new headsets to exciting ways to leverage AR and VR in the consumer experience CES showed off the opportunities ahead in both spaces. 


Metaverse and retail:

At the top of everyone’s mind this year is the metaverse. With more big names entering the space like Walmart and Samsung NRF focused on how retail companies can start preparing for the metaverse now, and what opportunities it presents for the future.    


For our team on the ground at NRF, the focus on customer engagement was a major takeaway. Attendees were ready to learn how digital innovation could improve consumer engagement with their brand as they look to stand out in an increasingly digital space. From building a more seamless digital experience to the gamification of brand engagement businesses and attendees worked together to find solutions to engagement.   

The biggest takeaway from both CES & NRF:

Remote is still king

While both shows handled their remote and in-person capabilities differently it remained apparent with both that remote experiences are still a major part of our lives. Looking ahead, our team is excited to help companies expand on the ways they engage in the digital space, whether it’s virtual try-on options for customers or a digital solution for employees to better manage the supply chain the virtual world is here to stay and we’re ready to help.

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Lauren Sawyer

Lauren Sawyer

January 26, 2022

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