Do Good Work. Trust In Each Other.

From entrepreneurs and former corporate types, to unruly designers and manic developers, we rally around a shared passion: Creating innovation that is measured, mature, and meaningful.

We take a holistic approach to the potential of mobility for our clients, their customers and their employees. We build trust across corporate divisions, combining the forces of engineering, consulting, and product design to create results all can be proud of. And we align technologies with human behavior based on the belief that mobility can make life easier, faster and better.

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Welcome To Our Village

We believe how you live informs what you do. A quality life can lead to quality work, so we made our headquarters in Richmond, VA, the coolest town you’ve probably never visited. When not on the rapids downtown, in the breweries surrounding our office, or at local music/art festivals throughout the city and state, we’re having a lot of fun doing the work we love and living by these beliefs:


Craft with context and communicate clearly.

Got Your Back

Trust the team and expect the same in return.

Cultivate Knowledge

Pursue expertise and always be learning.

Own It

Take charge and delight in the quality of the work.

Embrace the Adventure

Be brave, chase opportunities, and enjoy the journey.


From hackathons hosted in our offices to speaking engagements and roadshows, Shockoe is always out and about.

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Our Team

Alejandro Otañez


Edwin Huertas


Paulina Hidalgo


Misty Smith

VP, Operations

Jamie Young

Design Team Lead

John Surface

Mobile Developer

Andrew Rumbley

Mobile & Web Developer

Jay Soumphont

QA Team Lead/Mobile Developer

Juan Ramirez

Mobile Developer

Rebecca Thompson

Engagement Manager

Kevon Adonis

Mobile Developer

Caleb Hatcher

Mobile Developer

Gustavo Romero

Account Executive

Mason Brown

Product Strategist/UX Designer

Justin Boswell

Mobile Developer

Corey Dixon

UX/UI Designer

Shae Hazelwood

Mobile Developer

Luis Lugo

Mobile Developer

Toz Grewal

Product Strategist

Devon Grissom

Mobile Developer

Stephen Shaw

Mobile Developer

Chandler Tyler

Product Strategist

Jamie Blumberg

Mobile Developer

Aniela Guyot

UX Designer

Pulkit Rustgi

Mobile Developer


Kristina Ramsey

Project Manager


Daniela Salazar

UX/UI Designer

Dan Cui

VP, Sales & Business Development


Phil Kramer

Director of Sales


Michael Shaw

Mobile Developer

Jessie Atkinson

HR Manager


Victoria Potvin

Mobile Developer


Lauren Sawyer

Digital Content Strategist


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