Create Customer & Brand Loyalty

Shockoe creates digital products and services that delight and engage. Track consumer behavior. Deliver personalized experiences. Make programs easy to join and participate in. Here are some of the ways in which we help companies build customer and brand loyalty.

Blend Form & Function

Mobile provides the perfect space to engage customers in ways that are both memorable but also functional. Shockoe can help give your consumers control of their experiences with autonomous features such as ordering, payments and transactions.

Create Meaningful Rewards

Rewards can and should be personalized for your customers. With an intentional and measured approach, Shockoe can help you implement, tweak, and constantly improve upon your loyalty program in ways that meet both customer expectations and business objectives.

Make The Customer Journey Seamless

Mobile can be a maze where, chances are, you’ll get lost before you find your destination. Shockoe works to understand user needs states, matches them with business objectives, and ensures the final experience is fluid, fantastic and financially sound.

“Shockoe features a collaborative and detail-oriented team. They took ownership of the project and strived to make it unique.”

– Somebody, Virginia Commonwealth University

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