I Got 99 Problems and a Grid ain't 1

A Grid View is pretty common in many applications nowadays, displaying images…
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So you have an app idea - now what?

So you have an awesome idea for an app. There’s just a burning…
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Energetic designer seeking long-term teammates

Me: Designer at a fast growing, Richmond-based mobile startup…
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Node Summit 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Node Summit 2016 in…

Titanium to Native Android: These aren't the frameworks you're looking for

A little about the developer Having been working with the…
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Getting Innovative with Bluetooth Scanners

At Shockoe, we are given the opportunity to work on innovative…

A HitchHiker's Glossary to UX

It is likely that at some point a client or team member will…

Product Management in App-griculture

Back in the day, when life was simple and technology was limited,…

Profiling Titanium: Getting a picture of the Kroll toll

As cross-platform developers, we all know that maintaining speed…
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Three reasons why you should design in Sketch versus Photoshop

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started designing…