Getting Innovative with Bluetooth Scanners

At Shockoe, we are given the opportunity to work on innovative…

A HitchHiker's Glossary to UX

It is likely that at some point a client or team member will…

Product Management in App-griculture

Back in the day, when life was simple and technology was limited,…

Profiling Titanium: Getting a picture of the Kroll toll

As cross-platform developers, we all know that maintaining speed…
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Three reasons why you should design in Sketch versus Photoshop

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started designing…
Open work environment

Office Life at Shockoe

Shockoe is always facing new challenges, not least of which is…
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Functional Javascript Programming and Data Processing With Underscore

At, many of us heavily use Underscore JS within our…

Could Hyperloop be the best Appcelerator feature yet?

I recently took the time to checkout out Appcelerator's Labs…

Network Discovery with Titanium

So you have 2+ devices that need to find each other on a local…
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Metalling with Titanium: Building my first Alloy application

  Event listeners. Callback functions. Asynchronous programming?…