We Make Apps

Strategy, design, and development.
Providing impactful mobile solutions for today’s leading brands.

We Make Apps

Strategy, design, and development.
Providing impactful mobile solutions for today’s leading brands.

Mobile by Design

Our clients excel because we do too

“Do good work. Trust in each other.” That’s our motto. We are a team of strategists, designers, developers and analysts by trade and dreamers, thinkers and innovators by nature.

Featured Case Study

When it comes to managing personal finances, even the slightest hiccup could mean consumers lose trust in the overall brand. With that in mind, Virginia Credit Union knew that offering new features such as digital card management had to be done in a way that would provide value and increase brand loyalty.

Case Study –

Virginia Credit Union

You can also take a deeper dive into all Shockoe case studies — check-in often as we update periodically.

“They say they’re mobile only and they stick to that. Because of that, they’re very strategically focused, which allows them to do more and stay on the cutting edge. They stay on top of the latest trends.”

-Frank Macrina, Senior VP of Products and Channels



Just starting out on the journey to mobile? We can help you better understand what your business needs from mobile.

• concept validation
• app ideation
• experience strategy
• mobile / API strategy
• emerging tech discovery


Know what you want, but not how to get there? From native, to cross-platform, to web, we can help your business achieve its objectives.

• discovery
• definition
• design
• development
• quality assurance
• analytics strategy and reporting


Already engaged with mobile, but not seeing the results? Getting a product on its feet is just the first step, and we have the experience to help yours reach its full potential.

• UX audit
• analytics audits
• app redesigns and replatforms
• tech assessments

See something here we can help with?

See something here we can help with?

Expertise in Mobile Apps

Here at Shockoe, we specialize in mobile applications and emerging technologies, which gives us a leading edge in three main areas.

& Asset Management


Customer &
Brand Loyalty

An ever-evolving tech landscape means a business’ vision must anticipate the curve, not just follow it. We believe products should reflect that vision. That’s why, with everything we do, we keep emerging technologies in mind.

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