It’s easy to create an app for in-store bargain hunters. It’s another thing entirely to create brand loyalty across the entire shopping experience from list building at home to checking out in store. That’s why Winn-Dixie turned to Shockoe.

Pulling the Plug

Winn-Dixie’s parent company, Southeastern Grocers, had thrown down the gauntlet. Their current investment in a multi-brand rewards system had prooved difficult for users to navigate. Redemption had become an unwieldy mess, and customers were voicing complaints.

Winn-Dixie had set a date to pull the plug on this system. Shockoe’s job was to sprint towards a replacement for this rewards system while taking into account the broader customer journey.

An App to Match Ambition

We moved into exploring the Winn-Dixie opportunity through a combination of “head” and “heart”. The head was the business goals of Winn-Dixie. What did they want to achieve with their mobile app? How did mobile ladder up to a grander vision for digital in the company? The heart was the current and ideal user behaviors. What were customers currently doing? What did they want to do?

Combining these elements resulted in a document outlining real, attainable goals that were sure to meet customer expectations.

shockoe mobile app development strategy sprint
grocery store Winn dixie loyalty app

Collaboration at Every Step

With alignment on goals, we created a comprehensive suite of branded utilities. Constant check-ins with Winn-Dixie stakeholders solidified our recommendations and gave leadership confidence in our decisions. This level of transparency and depth of analysis ensured that everyone involved knew exactly where we had been, where we were, and where we were headed.

An App That’s Easier, Better, Faster…

The new app we developed was an instant hit. User count tripled in weeks, and now all Winn-Dixie customers have easy digital access to stores, a personalized couponing experience, and rewards that make shopping more enjoyable. Customer engagement is at an all time high, and satisfaction of the new app version now eclipses all previous iterations.

“We were very impressed with Shockoe. They were one of the bright spots of a successful project…Very professional and able to explain everything and give us good opinions on best practices on lots of different areas.”

– IT Manager, Southeastern Grocers

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