Virginia Credit Union

From Bank Teller to Touch Screen

Virginia Credit Union was at an inflection point. Research showed mobile banking is critical to capturing new customers, but their out-of-the-box digital products were not up to snuff. They turned to Shockoe to help set a new standard.

Rethinking the Fundamentals

Shockoe helped VACU reenvision the member relationship “behind the PIN”. From onboarding to account and card management, our discovery process and design sprints reinforced the need to redevelop the app from the ground up.

Partnering Across Products

To date, our work has included multiple product iterations and 20+ new features to enhance the banking experience. Members can now easily secure their cards, enroll in online banking, manage their account security, and link their accounts to alternative payment sources like Venmo and mobile wallets.

Virginia Credit Union

“Shockoe knows mobility. This makes them very strategically focused, which allows us to do more and stay on the cutting edge.”

– Frank Macrina, VP, Products and Channels, VACU

Virginia Credit Union Mobile App

Analyzing Our Impact

Performance is everything for branded utility. That’s why Shockoe implemented mutiple analytics tools across VACU’s digital footprint to locate areas of opportunity and measure the member experience. Today, thousands of card applications have come from the app’s simplified UI, and critical features like an improved password reset process have improved account access from 70% failure rate to a nearly 80% success rate. This has resulted in less calls to the call center and more members getting to what they need, faster.

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