VCU’s Department of Music envisioned a tool that could help violin students maintain focus on the critical elements of effective musical study. Understanding student needs, and seeking innovative ways to support them, they turned to Shockoe for the creation of a digital practice companion: V-Coach.

Establishing the Fundamentals

A metronome, tuner tools, menttal practice aids, a journal – these were considered essential components of music students. But as our discovery process unfolded, we determined that students wanted something more.

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Creating a Delightful Experience

Through collaboration with departmental staff, we gamified the tool with ways for students to measure their progress, target areas for improvement, and improve their form/posture.

A Virtual Instructor 

What students wanted was an instant-feedback loop. To achieve this, Shockoe developed an enhanced mirror included custom video recording management, custom playback tools, and a video annotation function to enable students to capture videos of their sessions and save the last 30 seconds by tapping the screen.

“The app is now being considered for a public marketplace launch. Shockoe features a collaborative and detail-oriented team. They took ownership of the project and strived to make it unique.”

– Virginia Commonwealth University, Associate Professor

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