Navigating business regulations across countries can be confusing and difficult for business owners. To better assist businesses in the US and Qatar the USQBC set out to create a digital content hub to provide the tailored information you need when you need it. Less stress with a personal touch.

Same Level of Care – Just Digitally

USQBC had been providing incredible insights, facilitation, and information to businesses in the US and Qatar since 1996. Its new Business Portal would be built on a wealth of information from across industries and would need to provide the same personal touch that the USQBC’s small but nimble team provides.

Meeting Internal Needs

USQBC had bold ideas for a business portal, but their small team needed to stay focused on the priorities in front of them. To help, not hinder the USQBC team Shockoe’s Business Portal enables them to vet potential members and opportunities quickly, freeing up time and streamlining internal processes that had previously been difficult to track.

Tailored Results at Your Fingertips

To demystify business regulations the USQBC Business Portal was designed to provide tailored insights and data to users. Users can also find relevant resources about the economic history, culture and lifestyle of Qatar, while offering a state by state look at the export relationship, top industries, and links to key organizations in the US.

“Shockoe brought the vision to life, and we were excited to work together on this monumental project. As the project evolved and added things on, Shockoe was adaptive and flexible. It really felt like we were one team, and it was a very positive experience. We feel like we got everything we needed.”


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