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Drivers know how egregious tolls can be. As commuters have switched from paying cash to using passes, toll pricing has become opaque and even burdensome. Globalvia decided to change that.

Your Extra Change Belongs to You

Globalvia currently manages toll facilities in Virginia. They had a user-centric challenge; “Why should drivers have to pre-load cash onto a device that they may or may not use?” That’s where Globalvia’s app, Slora, comes in.

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How E-Z is It, Really?

Shockoe designed Slora to ensure drivers can manage tolls on their terms. From ease of use to personalization, the goal is to make the opaque transparent and ease the burden of driving.

Slora allows users to pay as they go. It’s accepted on most major expressways in Virginia where paying tolls are almost inevitable.

We created a seamless onboarding experience: register your vehicle, adding a license plate and card information, and you’re off.

Combining these elements resulted in a document outlining real, attainable goals that were sure to meet customer expectations.

SLORA Mobile App

“As frustrating as the coin experience is, it doesn’t seem worth it to purchase an EZ pass both for its cost and needing to take the time to get it. I don’t use the toll road very often.”

– Focus Group Respondent

Slora Mobile Application

Counting Every Penny. Every Time.

Slora also helps you keep track of your finances on the road. The My Trips section displays individual toll breakdown, includes vehicle, time, date, location, and cost (toll + fees). It provides functionality to email receipts, making your monthly budgeting a breeze.

New Place? No Problem.

Renting a car in a new location? Slora works for you.

The user can import the rental car information, using it the same as any other vehicle, and not be stopped by those pesky unexpected tolls.

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