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Record Playing. Re-Imagined.

Broadtime has been creating solutions to drive traffic into independent record stores for decades. But given how much has changed in the music industry, they needed a solution that would connect a digital and mobile audience with the physical aspects of music in an entirely different way. That’s when they turned to Shockoe.

Connecting Digital and Physical Experiences

Broadtime envisioned a way for people to see album covers in a new way using augmented reality, but they didn’t know how to bring this idea to life. We worked with them to define the product strategy and technical architecture for both the engine and the app.

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Charting Uncharted Territory

Our strategy revealed the need for two important pieces: a PlayARt Engine to serve content and handle the AR components, and a PlayARt App where users can interact with the content. Combined, these two solutions would provide Broadtime with the data they would need to report success back to record labels.

Given the new and emerging nature of augmented reality, and spatial computing in general, Shockoe had to create a custom solution from the ground up using a combination of cloud services, AR SDKs, and custom engine architecture.

Creating Custom Experiences

Broadtime wanted to wow record labels, and for that they turned to Shockoe. We developed an array of examples of how the platform could inspire customers. Albums come to life with video and 3D multimedia. Experiences can be shared. Flash mobs can ensue. The creative potential is huge.

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We have the tools. We have the talent.

It’s Miller Time:
– Unity
– ARKit
– ARCore
– Vuforia
– AWS (DynamoDB & S3)

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