Covering 38,000 miles of natural gas pipeline, ONEOK’s field employees were using pen and paper to track all data. Employees couldn’t update the system until returning to an office, causing major delays in the process and ultimate loss of revenue. That’s when they turned to Shockoe.

Replacing Hard Copies with Hardware

Needing to replace the pens and paper used in the field, Shockoe developed a custom application that caches heavy amounts of data, supports multiple users per device, validates business rules, and syncs with ONEOK’s asset management system, Maximo.

Keeping Field Operations in the Field.

The app significantly improves employee productivity by detaching them from their bulky office desktops—this results in faster work, better data quality, and helps ONEOK to manage field assets far more effectively than before.

An Agile Approach for an Agile Workforce

We continue to be a ONEOK partner, designing and building new mobile asset management features to improve the app based on user feedback. We’re also creating new integrations to Finance and new apps for Inventory, Environmental, Health, and Safety systems.

“ONEOK provided us with business requirements that might make some devs squirm, but by using the right technology tools we were able to provide them with an intuitive app that worked seamlessly offline and online.”

– Lead Developer, Shockoe

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