Accessorizing a new vehicle purchase usually involves a sales rep having to head to the back office to check inventory and crunch numbers. Shockoe was tapped to speed up this process keeping salespeople engaged with their customers.

Keep it Three-Tap Simple

With a focus on functionality, we discovered only three screens were required to give salespeople the answers they needed. Select the model. Select the accessory. Calculate the costs.

nissan inventory app
nissan inventory app

One App Two Users

Our solution provided dealerships with current inventory levels specific to dealer and model, associated accessories, and costs. Managers of individual dealerships could set a base price and access a password-protected, margin-based calculator to produce suggested retail costs and to apply possible discounts.

“Shockoe provided a great engagement experience. We felt that we were in good hands from the very first phone call. We look forward to working on more projects with Shockoe.”
– Paul, Business Product Owner

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