Hot 97

When it came time for a better app experience for Hot97 listeners, MediaCo turned to Shockoe to create a new, engaging experience for listeners.

Not your parent’s radio experience.

The existing app for Hot 97 was out-of-date and out of touch with the station’s brand. Shockoe began its work with a highly collaborative discovery phase, meeting with MediaCo team members, on-air talent, and listeners to understand their needs for the new app.

You’re live with the Hot 97 team.

The Shockoe team integrated innovative features such as live chat and video feeds into the app, empowering users to interact with celebrities and on-air personalities in real-time. This, coupled with live updates on trending news means an engaging and new experience every time.

The listener knows best.

Creating a more engaging listener experience was paramount to stand out and keep listeners coming back. Shockoe relied on user feedback to build an app that exceeded their expectations, getting them closer than ever to the music they love and resulting in a 20% overall user increase.