Grocery Store AR App

Using AR to reimagine the in-store shopping experience

At Shockoe, we’re always on the verge of what’s next, from the metaverse and immersive experiences to the latest in mobile design. Our team is always pushing industries forward by creating digital solutions that better meet users’ needs, without burdening internal teams. Innovations like AR are at the forefront of change, empowering businesses to rethink how they engage users, and giving them new ways to build customer loyalty while improving their bottom line. The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how consumers shop at grocery stores, which got us thinking – how can immersive experiences like grocery AR shake up the in-store shopping experience and improve it to better match the consumer of today, and tomorrow? 

Today’s grocery landscape

The Shockoe team set off on our journey using our grocery industry knowledge to identify the best opportunities for the future. We know that consumer needs have changed, and shoppers want easy and quick access to the products they’re looking for. Also, there is a growing emphasis on sustainability and health-conscious products that drives a shopper’s buying choices.

This is coupled with the growing trend of online grocery shopping, more and more grocery planning is done digitally from home, whether it’s browsing a weekly ad, making a shopping list, or placing an order to pick-up. Meeting the expectations of modern consumers means grocery stores are investing in their digital presence and rethinking how to seamlessly blend their in-store and online presence. How could the real-world shopping experience be more connected?

A new way to navigate

At the heart of Shockoe’s proof of concept is wayfinding. Our AR wayfinding tool empowers customers to quickly and easily navigate the grocery store, which can currently feel like a confusing maze of aisles and shelves, where finding a specific item can feel challenging and time-consuming. In our proof of concept, users would create a grocery list in their grocery store app and launch the AR wayfinding solution when they arrive at the store.

From there, the wayfinding tool can do the rest – finding the best route through the store and using easy-to-follow arrows to guide the customer to each product. For customers, this means faster access to the groceries they need and less confusion or hassle when it comes to finding hard-to-find products. For grocery businesses, AR wayfinding means happier customers, more app engagement, and potentially lower overhead costs.

Reimagining product information with AR

Integrating augmented reality into grocery stores provides more opportunities than just navigation. As consumers focus more on sustainability and health-conscious buying choices AR can play a critical role in conveying product information quickly and clearly. The Shockoe team saw the potential for AR to share critical health information with shoppers around allergens, sustainability, and more. Providing this knowledge to shoppers through easy-to-read AR overlays means better transparency for consumers on the go and a renewed confidence that the products they choose align with their lifestyle.

Empower your internal team

Implementing any new digital solution means weighing the benefits versus the increased workload and challenges for your internal team. At Shockoe, our work focuses on providing high-caliber innovations without adding stress to your internal teams. In our grocery AR proof of concept, our team leveraged years of experience working with grocery stores large and small to identify the potential challenges and build a plan to adapt. By integrating into any existing digital solutions a grocery store has, Shockoe’s product could begin working quickly and ramp up based on your stores available data and capabilities. Taking a custom approach means a more effective rollout with less hassle.

The AR wayfinding solution would also be able to use your store’s existing solutions like planograms to streamline processes, reducing repetitive work and ensuring a seamless solution. Our intent is always to create solutions that reduce the burden on your internal team while improving outcomes for your business. Together we see this AR solution as a jumping off point that can be customized to each and every store and adapted to meet its unique needs.

What’s next for grocery AR?

Our AR solution for grocery stores is a working concept, but it could quickly become a reality. Retail stores are leading the way in AR, changing the way consumers shop both at home and in stores. Grocery stores have an opportunity to implement new digital solutions that stand out with customers, build brand loyalty, and drive the bottom line. Whether it’s immersive solutions like this or a more robust mobile app, now is the time to invest in digital solutions to outshine and stay ahead no matter where consumers are shopping from.

Build the future with us

When your grocery store is ready to build the future, we’re here to help. Shockoe has been building the digital future in the grocery space for over 10 years, creating award-winning solutions that move the needle and improve your bottom line. As your full-service partner, Shockoe’s team of designers, developers, and strategists work with your internal team to create the right custom solution for you. Less hassle for your internal team, better results for your users.

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