Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy asked a dozen mobile service design companies to submit big ideas for their first customer mobile app with a simple brief: “What If?” Shockoe turned the brief on its head, asking “What’s Next?”

Making The Best of a Bad Situation

We found that Dominion customers desired answers to four main questions during an outage:

  • Am I prepared?
  • Do I need to call?
  • Who else is impacted?
  • Where can I go?

Dominion Energy Results


Increase YoY of Monthly Active Users


Increase YoY of Customers Paying Their Bills In the App 


Weekly Retention Rate

Am I Prepared?

Now that you’re out of power, do you know what to do? How long are you prepared to go without power in your home until you need more supplies?

Do I Need to Call?

The times of waiting on hold are over. Customers can now reach into their pockets and report an outage with just a few taps

Who Else is Impacted?

Knowing how many people in your area are without power can help paint a picture of how long an outage will last.

Dominion Energy App

“I just want to know how big the problem is. If there are 1,000 people out, I know I’m probably in for it.”

– Jack, Residential Customer

Dominion Energy Mobile App

Where Can I Go?

For the first time in a utility app, users can quickly find the nearest restaurants, gas stations, and lodging that still have power.

Is My Power Restored?

When users report an outage, they have the option to receive notifications when their power is expected to be restored and/or when power is fully restored.

“Getting updates would be nice. I don’t want a call. I don’t usually pick up numbers that I don’t recognize anyway.”

– Amber, Residential Customer

Did we he have to blow up the bakck to build a beautiful front? Nope.

Dominion Energy made it clear that we had to rely on their current web services and architecture, and that wasn’t a problem. We used an array of tools to ensure seamless integration and an elegant user experience.


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