Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy asked a dozen mobile service and design companies to submit big ideas for their first customer mobile app with a simple brief: “What If?” Shockoe turned the brief on its head, asking “What’s Next?”  

Making The Best of a Bad Situation

We found that Dominion customers desired answers to four main questions during an outage:

– Am I prepared?

– Do I need to call?

– Who else is impacted?

– Where can I go?

Welcome Home Screen

Am I Prepared?

Now that you’re out of power, do you know what to do? How long are you prepared to go without power in your home until you need more supplies?

Do I Need to Call?

The times of waiting on hold are over. Customers can now reach into their pockets and report an outage with just a few taps.

Who Else is Impacted?

Knowing how many people in your area are without power can help paint a picture of how long an outage will last.

Where Can I Go?

For the first time in a utility app, users can quickly find the nearest restaurants, gas stations, and lodging that still have power

“Getting updates would be nice. I don’t want a call. I don’t usually pick up numbers I don’t recognize anyway.”

– Amber, Residential Customer

Is My Power Restored? 

When users report an outage, they have the option to receive notifications when their power is expected to be restored and/or when power is fully restored.

Did we have to blow up the back to build a beautiful front? Nope.

Dominion Energy made it clear that we had to rely on their current web services and architecture, and that wasn’t a problem. We used an array of tools to ensure seamless integration and an elegant user experience.

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