Caribou Coffee Loyalty App

If passion, hard work and excellence go into an endeavor, the outcome will be a quality experience. This is a core belief of Caribou Coffee, the second-largest company-operated coffeehouse in the U.S. Unfortunately, their app was not living up to this expectation with a customer rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

Caribou turned to Shockoe to create an app that lived up to their brand promise and enhance customers’ overall shopping experience.

Getting a Lay of the Land

We created a set of tools that helps both shippers and carriers monitor business in real time. All parties now have access to business-critical information in an easy-to-use interface. Track shipments. Publish and negotiate shipping rates. Get notifications. Analyze and improve your business operations. We brought drivers and shippers together on their terms, not ours.

Rebuilding the Foundation

Our assessment identified a number of opportunities improve the app’s user experience and processes to ensure customer data was protected. Shockoe created an overall strategy and approach to accomplish the identified opportunities, as well as built technical documentation of the current system and future processes.

brand loyalty mobile app
caribou coffee mobile loyalty app

Creating the Right Features

Brand loyalty comes when customer expectations are not only met but are exceded. With this in mind, Shockoe developed a set of features to anticipate customer needs in ways that delight and engage:

– Digital Offer Platform
– Store Locator
– Customer Rewards System
– Specialty Drink Ingredient/Makeup Tracking
– Social Sharing
– Push Notifications
– Custom Profile Creation

We Are All Made of Stars

Well, at least our delivery was. Within a year of our engagement, Caribou’s app increased from 2 to 4.5 stars in the App store. Since then, the stars have only increased.

“Love this app! Keeps me connected with my favorite coffee spot and is so simple and fun to use!”

– iOS App Store Review

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