American Express

Building a Mobile Workforce

It takes a lot of people across the globe to process millions of financial transactions daily. Here’s how Shockoe helped American Express’s 80,000 employees become a lean, mean mobile workforce.

American Express mobile app

Defining the Challenge

Internal stakeholders at American Express were requesting a large number of custom productivity apps which was resulting in a significant production backlog. They turned to Shockoe to meet existing app demands while also planning for the production of future apps and emeriging technologies (voice, connected devices, etc).

Identify, Design and Communicate

Shockoe conducted a current-state mobile assessment while also doing rounds of consumer interviews to understand Amex’s productivity issues. The resulting documentation identified key design and dev areas to target for improvement while also outlining how we planned to inform/educate the organization on the changes.

mobile banking amex app

Building the Plane While Flying It


For an intiative of this size, we had to tackle the production backlog while also setting up new processes to improve mobile delivery. The result was a set of standards that have been adopted up and down the entire organization:

– A Mobile Playbook to consolidate and communicate standards, proceedures and best practices

– An App Roadmap for developing critical, secure apps required by the business

– An Idea Generator to spur innovation and evolve Amex from a reactive to a proactive developmental state

Reserve a Room (or Desk) in Arizona. From Japan. 

It sounds simple enough, but helping employees jetting across a dozen time zones book rooms and desks can be a bear. One of a number of Shockoe’s outputs, the AMEX Reserve gives a very moble workforce the utility they needed to get their work done more efficiciently. It remains the most-used internal app at AMEX.

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