AC Moore

With 40,000 SKUs per store, keeping track of inventory can be like herding cats. This is especially true if you are dealing with antiquated technology. A.C. Moore turned to Shockoe to help them devise a streamlined solution that would delight both their sales associated and their CFO.

ac Moore app

Diagnosing the Problem

Shockoe met early and often with A.C. Moore’s IT and Operations teams to establish goals and project requirements. Simultaneously, we interviewed store employees to better understand their pain-points and daily challenges. What emerged was a clear path to designing better UX/UI.

Elegant, Efficient Engineering

Shockoe had to ensure seamless integration between legacy, server-side systems and our new client-side design, Shockoe leveraged a MEAN stack and built a custom API. We also has to model out costs associated with hardware upgrades and were able to help our clients justify the costs in terms of efficiencies gained. Once tested, we were able to ensure a deployment of new hardware and software that included zero downtime.

ac moore app inventory
ac Moore inventory app

Functionality at Your Fingertips

HQ and store staff were thrilled with the final outcome. Product information, quantity and pricing was available with a simple scan. Inventory count could easily be updated, and store plannograms provided associates with easy navigation to locate a specific item.

“We gave every store 4 of the new devices with the app, and each one of our locations already wants 5 more.” 

– CIO, A.C. Moore

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