LetterLasso – Vocabulary Twist Mobile Game

Letter Lasso is a touch-based game for iPhone and iPad. Players are presented a jumble of moving letters and must identify a word, grab the letters, and attach them in the correct order tin order to win points and move to the next word. The words come in packs divided up by category, such as “fruit” or “US Presidents”. These categories also serve as the primary clue for finding the proper word.

The game is designed not only to be a fun and immersive touch-based gaming experience, but also a powerful learning tool. Kids of all ages can use the game to learn new words and how to spell them, becoming a fun tool for spelling tests, learning new languages, or just expanding your vocabulary.


Kashmir Valley Network

Is an association of organizations active in philanthropy and development work in the Kashmir Valley. Committed to promoting a healthy social, cultural and economic environment in the Kashmir Valley.Shockoe.com was really thrilled when we were contacted to work on this project. Not just because it was for a good cause, but also for the challenges that it would present. We decided to go with a highly customized WordPress installation, with a major overhaul of the core components and plugins. Make sure you vist them and if you can, please look for volunteer opportunities or contribute directly to their already growing members and organizations.
Web Features

– Easily connect with other organizations and volunteers

– Information on how to volunteer and collaborate with others

– Conveniently able to make donations to related charities

WP-Logs integrates with Notifo

Having detailed logs of how your services are being used is important, but sometimes it’s nice to have immediate notifications of critical events. Enter Notifo, the super-easy-to-use push notification service.

We recently updated WP-Logs to support the Notifo service so you can now receive notices just about anywhere. We have some of ours going straight to phone, email, and growl.

WP-Notifo is required and must be configured properly. After you’re all setup, use it with WP-Logs by adding the ‘notifo’ key to your event call; i.e.:

WP-Logs: a new WordPress plugin from Shockoe

When building a new application or plugin, sometimes its important to have detailed information about what actions are taking place. This can be crucial when testing APIs, hooks, and your users actions to make sure your design is having the desired effect.

In the course of creating, testing, and debugging our work at Shockoe, we’ve created a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to track custom events and pass along any information you need. WP-Logs (catchy title, right?) lets you drop a single line into your plugin code to define an event title, user id, and any extra information you’d like to see. This information will appear under a new ‘Logs’ tab in the WordPress admin panel and can optionally be passed to a Google Analytics account to be viewed inline with your other site statistics.

It’s currently being reviewed by the WordPress staff and will be available soon in the official WordPress Plugins directory. For now, the plugin can be cloned from our github repository. Follow us on twitter at @shockoe for information and updates.

Update: The plugin has been approved and is now in the WordPress plugin directory. Check it out at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-logs/

Integrating with Amazon S3 for fun, profit, and epic speed boosts.

The benefits of using Amazon S3 to store static resources is already well documented. It’s almost a no-brainer if you are building an app that hosts a lot of static files.

We just converted an app that we’re working on to use S3 for all user uploads. It not only sped up our development time, it also basically eliminated the need to worry about file-server scaling in our prototyping stage. And we may not need to worry about it for a quite a while after that.

Check out http://getcloudfusion.com/ for more information on the Amazon S3 SDK for PHP.

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