Metalling with Titanium: Building my first Alloy application

Metalling with Titanium: Building my first Alloy application


Event listeners. Callback functions. Asynchronous programming? These words were foreign to me when I first started working at Shockoe LLC the first week of October 2015. But somehow, I needed to use these things to create a mobile application in the next two months.

I wasn’t completely new to programming. I had recently taking Java programming courses and was learning other languages like C++ and C# by watching online tutorials. Before I started working at Shockoe, I was told to learn JavaScript as that was predominately what I would be using to create Titanium Alloy applications. Going through the tutorial on CodeAcademy taught me little about the language. It seemed to be mostly a tutorial on what programming was. But I figured that since I had the gist of programming, I wouldn’t have much of an issue as anything could be solved with a simple Google query.

Showing up to work on the first day taught me that that wasn’t the case. Edwin, the CEO at Shockoe, assigned me to work on Fighting Mongooses, a name with which I’m now beginning to understand the logic behind.

The concept behind the app sounded pretty simple but integrating various devices, a server, a database, and mobile OS’s turned out to be far more complex than I had anticipated.

The first week or two was spent just trying to figure out what was actually happening in this partially built application.  I slowly started to figure out what the different pieces of code were doing to understand the logic. I used what was already available to piece together a rudimentary working application to fulfill the initial requirements and to prove I could fit in at Shockoe.

From there, I slowly expanded the capabilities of the application and learned more about Appcelerator, Titanium, and JavaScript along the way. After a month and a half of working on Fighting Mongoose, it has taken on a bit of my own personality. It is no longer another developer’s application that I was given to complete and that is a great feeling.

There is still a lot that I need to learn to get near the level of the other developers here, but I have had some great guidance and help while working on the Fighting Mongooses project.

I still have much that I wish to accomplish with the application and feel more comfortable and confident each day with what I’m doing.

I recently found an old version of the app on a device I used for testing about a month ago and it’s amazing to see for myself the progress that I have made since.

I look forward to see the kind of progress I can make in the next month on onward here at Shockoe.



Nuevos desarrolladores TITANIUM certificados

Nuestros cursos en Chile el pasado mes de Julio  fueron todo un éxito, las clases fueron desarrolladas y aprovechadas al máximo  gracias a la participación de las personas que estuvieron con nosotros y aportaron también con sus experiencias.

Algunos de nuestros participantes nos dan su opinión sobre el curso.

“Los cursos me han parecido realmente excepcionales, Edwin Huertas, ha respondido a todas nuestra dudas y preguntas, eso se valora y te motiva a querer aprender mas y mas, ha pesar de que ya llevaba dos años programando con Appcelerator Titanium, aprendí cosas completamente nuevas, cambios importantes al momento de realizar una aplicación, esto me ha incentivado a tomar una de mis aplicaciones y comenzar a programarla nuevamente bajo los estándares que nos enseñaron en el curso TCAD, gracias a esto cada día que voy desarrollando la aplicación veo que hay una notable mejoría.”

Jonathan S.

“Me gusto mucho el curso, debido a que pude comprender de mejor manera la plataforma de Titanium, mejorar mis prácticas al desarrollar, y aprender de que acá en chile no es reconocida, si esta muy bien posesionada a nivel mundial.”

Manuel P.

“El poder participar del curso me permitió, obtener nuevos conocimientos y adquirir  nuevas lógicas de desarrollo. Así mismo también  asimilar y complementar de una manera más eficiente los conocimientos y técnicas donde cada  una se vio enriquecida y  actualizada para una mayor competencia laboral y personal. Quedo muy agradecido por los aprendizajes que he logrado  y por la calidad de información entregada.”

Miguel P.

Estaremos nuevamente en Chile en el próximo curso a dictarse, esperamos contar con su apoyo y participación para hacer los nuevos cursos tan fructíferos como los anteriores.

No se olviden revisar nuestro calendario de clases, si ustedes se encuentran en otros paises como Ecuador, Argentina o Brazil, estaremos en los próximos meses.

Training | University of Richmond

Aiming to leverage its best-in-class web platform, the University of Richmond set out to build a cross-platform app that achieved three main objectives:

  1. Allowed users an unparalleled ability to customize content and receive notifications specifically tailored to their individual interests;
  2. Established a comprehensive application platform for all future mobile projects;
  3. Integrated with the skill sets and workflow processes of the web development team.

After researching the leading cross-platform development options, Appcelerator’s Titanium Studio stood out as a natural fit with the team’s Javascript skills and Eclipse-based work environment. Taking advantage of training through, the team went from concept to App Store in four months having had no prior app development experience.

Take a look at the UR app in the Apple App Store .


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– SMO consulting.
– Linux Server Administration consulting.
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