Integrating with Amazon S3 for fun, profit, and epic speed boosts.

The benefits of using Amazon S3 to store static resources is already well documented. It’s almost a no-brainer if you are building an app that hosts a lot of static files.

We just converted an app that we’re working on to use S3 for all user uploads. It not only sped up our development time, it also basically eliminated the need to worry about file-server scaling in our prototyping stage. And we may not need to worry about it for a quite a while after that.

Check out for more information on the Amazon S3 SDK for PHP.

Carpenter Consulting Group

Carpenter Consulting Group

Carpenter Consulting Group offers full-service civil design services, with a primary focus on wireless site development.

Custom WordPress Plugins to magage Geolocation services with Bing maps, to display all projects in a map.

Custom WordPress Plugins to handle a list of projects with their own imagery and description.

Custom WordPress Plugins to manage the list of clients adding a logo for each one of them on a 3 column page.

Datashark Tools

Datashark is the trusted retailer for Palidin Tools, who is Paladin Tools? For over 30 years, Paladin Tools has served datacom, IT and broadcast professionals with trusted tools for wire and cable preparation, termination and testing. Paladin Tools is a leader in tool development for datacomm and broadcast professionals – some of our “industry firsts” are now standard industry-standard. In 2001 they expanded their product line with the introduction of our DataShark® brand tools for home entertainment and home network cabling. Shockoe developed this site to make do-it-yourself tool shopping easier for those hands tech enthusiasts who like to get into the wires. Before starting your next project, check out Datashark today!


Web Features
– Custom product management
– Distributor management


Custom product management.

Distributor management.

Powerplay Tools

How many times on the job have you heard, “While you’re here could you take a look at this?” Or maybe you’re in a crawl space or in the ceiling and you run into something unexpected. Are you ready? With powerplay tools, it is like having a tool box in the palm of your hand. If wiring is what you do, PowerPlay is everything you need. Powered by Shockoe, PowerPlay’s site helps you find the right tools so you can work smarter, not harder. Check out PowerPlay today to find the tool thats right for you.


Web Features
Custom flash animations
Product management


Custom flash animations.

Product management.

Smartbox USA

Whether you want to get stuff out of the house or move everything into a different house, let SMARTBOX do the work for you. SMARTBOX is a new type of moving company that knows you have more appealing things to do on your weekends than dealing with traditional, time-consuming, labor-intensive self storage, or renting a truck to move across town or across the country.They also know that you have a lot of portable storage options to choose from. SMARTBOX has developed a system that gives you more flexibility, greater convenience, better customer service and less stress than existing moving and storage alternatives. Not only that, but SMARTBOX prices are fair and competitive because you only pay for the storage containers you need. Shockoe developed this website to help solve the old problem of moving in a new and different way.


Web Features

– Microsites maintenance

– Quick quotes

– Helpful blog advice


Website maintenance.

Microsites maintenance.

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