Ever felt like showing off your finest kitchen creation or an appetizing master piece someone has served you?  iYummi is designed for foodies who like to share pictures of their food experience with their friends and network. Shockoe made iYummi because we felt that great food should be shared for everyone to know about. Capture once with iYummi and upload images with your caption at the same time to Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, iYummi as well your own personal blog.This mobile app is a great way to learn about food near you and actually shows you what the menu’s dont, the food! Check out the app today and show your friends what great food they are missing out on!

Development Tools

– Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Platform

Web Services Integration

– WordPress Integration

– Facebook Integration

App Features:

– View friends latest pics/comments on nearby food

– Rate food yummi or yucki

– Quick and easy picture uploads!