Once again, our very own, Shaun Doanchy with the VCU Kinetic Imaging Students won Best in category: “Installation, Performance” with their work titled “Anatomia” at the Undergraduate student show. The installation has been set up at the Anderson Gallery in the Carriage house on the VCU campus at Shafer and Franklin.  Take a look at the video documentation of the installation from 2012’s InLight.

The 3D models were created by students using Maya, and the rest of the work was done in Unity3D.  The piece takes advantage of the Microsoft Kinect sensor to interface with Unity to recognize gestures made with the body.  The virtual space is an interpretation of various systems within the human body.


The installation at the Anderson Gallery is fantastic, taking advantage of a huge 20+ft projection screen. Stop by and check out the installation and all of the other great works at the Anderson Gallery between March 28 and April 14.

Special thanks to the team: Brian Dove, Mary Anne Matel, Crixell Matthews, Omri Glaser, Shaun Donachy, David Reinhold,  Sean Ruecroft; And the instructors: Semi Ryu, Thomas Karnolt, and Byeongwong Ha.

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