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Female developer coding two screens.

7 Core Values for Developers and Development Companies

Man using mobile device to get online.

How to Increase Sales and Enhance Brand Value Through Mobile Marketing

Two business professionals review data generated from A/B testing various outcomes of different brand experiences.

How to Use A/B Testing to Improve Brand Experiences

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Slaying the Medusa of the Software Underworld: The CRM

Medusa is an apt metaphor for one of the most hated and feared computer systems foisted upon the human race: the CRM system.

Beginner’s Titanium: Titanium DisplayCaps on iOS

There are now a multitude ofresolutions and densities running iOS, how can you make sure your content appears how you want it to appear?

Don’t copy and paste other people’s code, type it out

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed from the 1st day I started writing code until now, it’s that not knowing where to start is incredibly intimidating.

Understanding and Combating Coder’s Block

It’s very hard to explain to non-coders how artistic coding really is. Coding isn’t only about writing code that runs. Building software is two main things:

Simple is the Goal, Clutter is the Enemy

Touch-based interface on mobile is a joy to use, we love to touch, drag and expand things with our fingers. How many times does clutter obstruct that joy?

Beginner’s Titanium: Working With Map Annotations on iOS

With the release of Apple’s iOS 6 the device’s maps have changed from the usage of Google maps to using Apple’s own mapping service.

Developing for Enterprise Mobile: Speed Up to Slow Down

In a ground-breaking technology field like the mobile extension of enterprise applications, the demands by most businesses always boil down to two concerns:

Consumers Ready for iPhone 5, but Developers’ Challenges Lie Ahead

iPhone 5, i phone 5 development, iOS 6 development, 4 inch iphone screen, letterbox

Coming Soon! CODESTRONG 2012

CODESTRONG is a great opportunity to connect with many of the best developers from around the world and learn the best practices in mobile development.

Ways to Deploy Apps for Remote Testing

There are few ways to distribute an app so that those from far away can load the app into their own device for testing without going through the "stores."

Software Testing in a Mobile Environment

Want to test on an iPad but don’t have one? Now there are online solutions that will allow you to test on all the devices that you don’t have.

March 2018: Mobile News and Trends

Our buddies at Appcelerator won the GSMA Global Mobile 2012 Best Cloud-Based Tech Award in Barcelona last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.