Lac-T Field Support App

Lac-T Field Support App


There’s a cow in Western Canada named Buttercup. Here’s how we helped Buttercup’s ranchers track her details in order to keep her safe and healthy.


Turns out that keeping tabs on Buttercup can be quite tricky, not to mention how tough it is to get the latest trends in herd management, production techniques, and disease diagnostics.

Lactologic wanted to help dairy farmers improve profitability and sustainability while making it easier to monitor herd health. If the farmers are doing their work out in the field, that 15-year-old hulking PC tower isn’t going to cut it anymore.


Given the difficulties of managing so much data in the field, there was a clear need for a system that makes it easier for producers, vets, and technicians to track and record information about herds. Any new mobile system would need to combine and augment the functionality of existing tools such as SigaDairy, DSA Dairy Producer and Agri-Lacta. Additionally, any new software would need to function while offline and in the field. Lactologic challenged Shockoe to adapt their current herd management software for the mobile-modern dairy producer, vet, or animal technician.


Shockoe created Lac-T mobile, a mobile herd management application that allows for simple data entry and easy access to herd information. Several key features include offline access to data, a management grid that displays upcoming events, and a complete history of each animal. The mobile version of the software is complementary to the to Lac-T Desktop App, enabling users to enter health and reproduction events while in the field and sync that data once they return to their desktops.


Lac-T users find it to be an essential part of their daily herd routine. There are now approximately 500 herds being managed on a daily basis (with an average of 65 cows per herd), which means there are a lot of cattle that are happier and healthier thanks to Lac-T.

Process & Approach

Shockoe worked with the technology team at Lactologic to build a cross platform solution deployed on Android and iOS that allows online and offline access to herd and cow analytics as well as dairy-specific data points which allow staff to better manage on-site decisions. Together with the current technology stack, the new apps have enriched Lactologic’s offerings by streamlining processes, increasing on-the-go farmer awareness, and allowing for more informed decisions in the field.

Features & Technologies

  • Synchronize Lac-T herd data on mobile and desktop
  • Record management for active animals
  • Record herd data and individual animal statistics
  • Entry of herd & herd health information
  • Offline access to herd and animal information
  • Filter and sorting options for specific herd information
  • Multi herd management
  • Multilingual (English/French)
  • Appcelerator platform
  • Apple iOS SDK
  • Google Android SDK
  • Custom built RESTful API
  • Oracle back end
  • Custom application integration
  • Active directory

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