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A mobile field support solution to safeguard the dairy supply chain — from pasture to pasteurization.

Best hooves forward

Field support mobile apps were not considered an information-gathering solution for dairy farmers at Valacta Coop. With no digital platform of recording information in the field, farmers were relegated to outdated analog methods that left sizeable gaps in security, accuracy, and efficiency.

In the field

Before the first schematic was drawn, a group of designers and strategists from Shockoe flew to Quebec to meet in person with veterinarians, technicians, and farmers. The team even embedded themselves with the cattle to truly experience farm life.

The Shockoe team often met up in the evening, having spent the day in places and with people involved in the dairy supply chain. Team members would share what they had learned, while whiteboarding creative new solutions for data collection.

“Shockoe met their commitments and went above and beyond the original requirements. Their expert guidance on best practices was a strong contribution.”

– George Clyde, IT Manager, Valacta

It is now easier than ever for farmers and technicians to share valuable information about the well-being of their herds. The incorporation of mobile data collection protects the health of the Valacta livestock, the livelihood of the farmers, and ensures healthy, safe and great-tasting milk for consumers.

Utilized Technologies

No more heavy hardware

Now, dairy farmers in the field can input and review herd data from wherever they may be. No need for pen and paper notes that can easily be lost or damaged before making it into the hands of visiting technicians. Likewise, hefty external hard drives are no longer necessary, nor does the information need to be physically transported hundreds of miles to the Valacta headquarters in Montreal.

And finally, having this accurate, timely data means making sense of all this information is now easier than ever for scientists. This allows them to more effectively anticipate any changes that may affect the well-being of the cattle that could ultimately disrupt the dairy supply chain.

Moo’ving forward

In addition to creating a more effective way to capture data, Shockoe is now working with the University of Montreal and Valacta to find smarter uses for the collected data about cattle. The aim for the team is not just on prevention of contaminated milk from entering the supply chain; the emphasis is on detection — finding the first sign of sickness in the cattle so that appropriate care and treatment can be deployed effectively.

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