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Managing your cards on mobile should be easy and convenient. VACU agrees.

Members before money

When it comes to managing personal finances, even the slightest hiccup could mean consumers lose trust in the overall brand. With that in mind, Viginia Credit Union knew that offering new features such as digital card management had to be done in a way that would provide value and increase brand loyalty.

Custom matters

VACU’s existing native mobile app offered limited customization options and made integration of new features very difficult. Despite wanting to provide the most modern experience for its customers, VACU was worried that their customers might perceive these limitations as inaction.

VACU came to Shockoe to determine if it would be possible to integrate new features into their existing app in a way that would offer a seamless customer experience. Specifically, they wanted to build a set of modern credit card management tools that would provide their customers with a secure, flexible, and enjoyable user experience

“They say they’re mobile only and they stick to that. Because of that, they’re very strategically focused, which allows them to do more and stay on the cutting edge. They stay on top of the latest trends.”

– Frank Macrina, Senior VP of Products and Channels

Members can now easily report cards lost or stolen, activate a new card, transfer a balance, turn a card on/off, see statement balances, and track payments and rewards.

Utilized Technologies

More than an app

Shockoe’s design and strategy team conducted a competitive analysis to develop a UX strategy consistent with the brand goals. Shockoe then worked with VACU’s internal team to develop an API strategy, improve development practices, and assess security considerations. These processes set the foundation for the creation of the new credit card portal, allowing the new tools to seamlessly interface with the existing technology stack. Shockoe’s development team used the Angular Javascript framework, which allowed the new card portal to mimic the look of the current app.

Reimagining banking

As a result of our speed and the success of the design, VACU has expanded the scope of our relationship, and we are now in the process of expanding the card portal and proving out the value of an agile workflow to the business. This was just the first of five phases in our partnership with VACU. Our roadmap for the application will create a native experience with added features in the year ahead.

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