Rewards that Winn

Southeastern Grocers aimed to create a rewards system that made customers feel exactly that. Rewarded.

Shopping for change

Southeastern Grocers’ digital rewards system was built on an unstable platform using a third-party vendor. This left customers feeling frustrated rather than fulfilled; Southeastern Grocers knew they needed a transformation of their digital experience.

Goals for success

Together, Shockoe and Southeastern Grocers worked to create a new in-house rewards system. Before setting out on this complex endeavor, the first step was to compile a roadmap that realistically outlined goals and expectations.

This included an audit of current metrics as well as projections for the future. This depth of analysis gave an angle of objectivity to the process that made it possible for everyone involved to know exactly how successful the team’s efforts were.

“We were very impressed with Shockoe. They were one of the bright spots of a successful project…Very professional and able to explain everything and give us good opinions on best practices on lots of different areas.”

– IT Manager, Southeastern Grocers

Winn-Dixie customers now have easy digital access to stores, a personalized couponing experience, and rewards systems that makes shopping more enjoyable than ever. Customer engagement is at an all time high, and satisfaction now eclipses previous frustration among app users.

Utilized Technologies

The proof is in the profit

Pleasing product owners and stakeholders is only one piece of the puzzle. The real measure of success comes once the app makes it into the hands of the consumers it was built for. Equipped with research finding and analytics from the roadmapping process, it was clear just how well the new product performed.

Keeping up with savings

Now that Shockoe has delivered a rewards program that exists entirely in-house under Southeastern Grocers, the team is working to help create a roadmap that will power the future of their digital products and services .

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