Planning for mobile

For Smartbox, a roadmap with a vision for mobile has evolved into a technology-focused moving and storage operation.

Setting the stage

Smartbox enables families and individuals to store their possessions in their signature climate-protected containers, have them picked-up and then delivered to their new destination. Shockoe has worked with the company to improve their services including tracking and logistics to facilitate employee workflow and providing a better overall online experience for customers.

Shockoe’s initial work with Smartbox involved extensive backend API development to establish the systems that the company relied upon. For the last ten years, Smartbox and Shockoe have taken strides towards implementing new technology that ultimately will someday support an integrated mobile solution for a highly technical, fast-moving and real-time information-driven business.

The SIRVA integration

In 2016, SIRVA, a leading global moving and relocation service provider with headquarters in Illinois, purchased Smartbox. The acquisition of Smartbox handed control of key business systems to SIRVA. One of the features proposed by SIRVA & Shockoe after the acquisition was to give truck drivers and employees the ability to sign, scan, track and deliver boxes using barcode scanning and, in the longer term, mobile technology.

Before any move to mobile tech would be possible, Shockoe and SIRVA believed that a thoughtful, methodical analysis of business processes and IT infrastructure would be in the best interests of the company. They began by implementing features such as a new API connecting Smartbox and SIRVA’s systems. Shockoe helped facilitate the integration that ultimately would contribute to a new custom ERP ecosystem, and additionally aided in laying the groundwork for a route optimization and container exchange system.

The mobile value prop

For customers, a valuable mobile component of the SIRVA experience would involve tracking notifications to alert them when a box would arrive and be delivered to its final destination. Coupled with the new box scanning technology, customers would know in real time the status of their delivery, and the drivers would better be able to serve them by knowing when and how to deliver an individual order.

As an international company, SIRVA’s network is vast. For employees, greater accountability could be achieved by knowing precisely where and when the boxes would be delivered across the network. In the future, transfers of boxes between franchises could be augmented by mobile tracking.

Utilized Technologies

Great apps require more than just mobile

Before considering a mobile implementation, Shockoe and SIRVA expressed a deep commitment to integrating Smartbox and SIRVA into a proper all-encompassing infrastructure. The project illustrates the importance of a thoughtful technology roadmap and how a calculated implementation can mean a more impactful mobile strategy that can last for years to come.

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