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Taking the guesswork out of home renovation

Making a major home renovation decision is stressful when you can’t visualize the final outcome or tell what the price tag will be, often causing customers to hold off on making a decision.

Too many steps that took too much time

Shockoe knew there must be an innovative way to help customers visualize and financially plan for a remodel in one easy to use and engaging mobile app.

By pinpointing that the pain point for many homeowners was the lack of being able to see what products were available, how they looked in their home and then knowing how much to order, we were able to break down a clear customer journey. Previously these key conversion points were a hard sell, drawing out the process and potentially costing consumers time & money as they ordered samples or were unsure of next steps.

Bringing it home

By creating a mobile app centered around an AR feature we could eliminate that back-and-forth process. Showing homeowners what a high-resolution rendering of the flooring they selected looked like, they could feel confident in their purchase. This includes smooth onboarding hints, room scanning, switching between favorite products, and sharing photos on social media to elicit input from friends and family.

The AR measurement tool makes the task of measuring a room and calculating the amount of material needed easy and fool-proof. This tool also allows customers to subtract areas and save measurements by room. This powerful feature means users no longer have to fret about ordering too little, going over budget or dealing with the hassle of returning the unused product.

Whether customers want a final opinion or purchase in-store, they are able to review orders simply using a scannable QR code that brings up a customer’s order details. Alternatively, orders can be placed with confidence and ease directly in-app and shipped to a customer’s home.

“We are venerated to develop a practical app using AR Kit to provide innovative utility for the user. We were able to produce a quick proof of concept, and iterate the tool to its high functioning state today.”

– Justin Boswell, Shockoe Developer

It was this due diligence that ultimately resulted in a streamlined utility application that now serves installers on the field with a better tool and supply chain managers with better oversight

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A powerful tool for home improvement

Being able to bring a potentially overwhelming process in line, a creating a clear road map for making decisions into the palm of customers hands means higher brands loyalty & the potencial for higher revenue whit repeat purchases and easy referrals

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