An app to improve event experiences

Shockoe helped RVA Tech create a customizable application template to improve the guest experience at conferences, galas, and events.

Serve and support a tech community

RVATech is a member-driven association of businesses and organizations working toward the growth of central Virginia’s dynamic technology-based economy. Their mission is straight-forward: to serve technology producers, users, and service providers supporting industries, organizations, and institutions. RVATech works to provide several relevant and timely networking events for its members throughout the year. These events include the Women’s Conference, the Gala Awards Ceremony, the Links Networking Event, and the Techsters Youth Camp.

Utility for Organizers and Guests

RVATech serves a broad member base in addition to the wide variety of supporting organizations. To serve this community, RVATech stages multiple events throughout the year for member networking, education, and business promotion. RVATech recognized that the growth of these events meant that they needed to provide members with a better way to access and manage event details, simplify networking, and encourage ongoing participation. Shockoe took the project head on.

Events made easier

For the initial engagement, Shockoe designed and built an app for the annual gala. RVATech requested an app that would allow users to:

• Connect with Eventbrite for ticket management
• Connect with LinkedIn for networking purposes
• View sponsor and event details
• View program and award details
• Search and interact with a table map
• Search and view attendees and companies

“The map feature was one of the more rewarding features we designed for this app. We had to make it easy for the guests to find their seat in a sea of tables and we had to do it so in an elegant fashion.”

– Designer, Shockoe

In order to reach the broadest possible audience and facilitate integrating with RVATech’s many annual events, Shockoe recommended building the app using React Native’s cross-platform framework. With its easily replicated components, seamless native integration, and rapid deployment, Shockoe was able to take the Gala app from design to deployed in less than eight weeks.

New event, adjusted app

For the Women’s Conference, Shockoe successfully used the prior gala app as a foundation to quickly deploy the next iteration. RVATech requested an updated app that:

• Incorporated the new Women’s Conference specific branding
• Connected with LinkedIn for networking purposes
• Presented conference speakers, biographies, schedules, and event details
• Promoted RVATech brand awareness through social media channels
• Included a map of the conference’s layout and stages

“Redesigning the Gala app was made simple by the design systems we put in place in the first app — yet, we were still thoughtful of requested design changes and ensured they met accessibility standards. I’m confident it served the RVATech community well in the long run.”

– Designer, Shockoe

Before committing design or code, Shockoe worked with RVATech to identify and solidify goals. For RVATech, there was a critical goal to convey the event’s brand message to guests and the growing community: Women are impacting the world of tech, and RVATech is a community empowering them to do so. An important message with a fun twist felt like the right approach. Shockoe designed and built a custom augmented reality Facebook filter to allow users to “unleash their superpowers” and “show their impact.” Users could record videos of themselves in a custom RVATech branded superhero mask. The video could then be shared across social media channels and promote the fast-growing women’s community in Central Virginia.

“We used Facebooks new AR Kit to deploy a quick and affordable build that guests loved. We were hesitant at first to use a 3rd party tool, but in the end, it helped us deliver a fun effect in time for the conference.”

– Immersive Media Director, Shockoe

RVATech has made it their mission to keep a fast-growing community engaged and informed. Shockoe has helped by creating an adaptive mobile application that delights members and provides utility beyond the scope of a traditional networking event. The partnership between RVATech and Shockoe has turned what is often a one-and-done app into an expected and functional part of any RVATech event and a great way for members to stay informed and meet like-minded professionals around Richmond.

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