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Connecting camper’s experiences to their families through photos, letters, and notifications.

Happy kids, sad parents

Pine Cove Christian Camps are proud of the incredible summer experiences they provide young children — but for parents, ’camp’ will always feel like ‘camp’ as they only get to sit at home wondering how their children are doing.

Using mobile to keep parents in the loop

With more than 30,000 guests spending days to weeks every year at camp, many parents felt disconnected from their children during that time. Pine Cove wanted to bridge the divide through a fun & engaging mobile application that could ease the worry for parents and capture life at the camp in a trustworthy digital community.

“The app was a huge help in keeping me connected to my son. Being able to see his smiles made me feel so good and I looked forward to seeing the new pictures and videos every day. It was a mother’s saving grace.”

– Maria, parent & app user

Making the Camp Life app so successful was contingent on Shockoe’s agile methodology to work, iterate, measure, and improve the application alongside Pine Cove’s team. Year after year, Pine Cove has released an improved user experience, scaled backend infrastructure, and worked to deliver a product that captures camp life in a unique and impactful way where parents don’t have to feel so far away from their children.

Utilized Technologies

New tech for a traditional summer

For Pine Cove, the objective was clear — but the method less so. The goal of capturing the spirit of a one-of-a-kind summer at Pine Cove took thoughtful works and cutting-edge technology to meet their objectives including RFID-enabled wristbands for easy tagging, migration of data to an improved server optimized for scaling, and now looking to transition to ReactNative to adopt improved features in future releases.

The future of Pine Cove runs on data and insights

Shockoe continues to provide white-glove support each summer while acting as a valued consultant. Through deepened trust and shared interest, Pine Cove & Shockoe has been committed to creating an application that drives value for families. Robust user analytics have allowed the app to gain insights that will continue to shape new camp events and initiatives. It’s this thoughtful interaction between our two teams that has and continues to evolve the cutting-edge camp life experience at Pine Cove.

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