38,000 miles of
asset tracking

Shockoe worked with ONEOK and Maximo to build out a custom-fit mobile application for field workers to deliver natural gas from point A to point B.

Transporting with technology

ONEOK owns and operates one of the nation’s top natural gas liquids (NGL) systems and is a leader in the gathering, processing, storage and transportation of natural gas.

ONEOK’s operations include a 38,000-mile integrated network of NGL and natural gas pipelines, processing plants, fractionators, and storage facilities in the Mid-Continent, Williston, Permian and Rocky Mountain regions.

Maintaining such a large geographic footprint requires a significant number of employees working in poorly-connected remote areas. ONEOK needed a custom mobile solution to help field employees manage assets.

Offline and online

ONEOK’s field employees were using paper work orders and hard copies of location and asset information. While onsite, they would update the work orders then return to an office to enter data into their Maximo desktop application. This often required waiting for online approvals to complete field activities and significantly impacting project durations. ONEOK challenged Shockoe to design and build a custom mobile app that would support their business processes and allow offline asset management functionality.

Mobility matters

ONEOK partnered with Shockoe to build a custom asset management iPad application that could sync the heavy amounts of data needed to efficiently conduct field operations offline. The application supports multiple users per device, caches critical relevant data to work offline, allows for easy updates to work orders, validates business rules, and syncs back to Maximo. The app significantly improves employee productivity by detaching them from their bulky office desktops — this results in faster work, better data quality, and helps ONEOK to manage field assets far more effectively than before.

“ONEOK provided us with business requirements that might make some devs squirm, but by using the right technology tools we were able to provide them with an intuitive app that worked seamlessly offline and online.”

– Lead Developer, Shockoe

Employees couldn’t wait to get their hands on the app as it rolled out. The application improves their productivity and the accuracy of reporting by allowing employees to complete reporting on-site rather than having to wait to get to a desktop application.

We continue to be a ONEOK partner, designing and building new mobile asset management features aimed at improving the app based on user feedback. In current work, Shockoe is helping ONEOK to integrate financial, environment, health, and safety data with future releases of the application.

Utilized Technologies

From prototype to improved process

Shockoe started from a cross-platform iOS prototype that helped prove the business value of a custom app. We worked closely with ONEOK business and technology teams to understand the field environment, business rules, Maximo technology, and to determine what features would improve the process.

Our experienced mobile team developed a technical design that supported complex sync rules and an intuitive user interface allowing users to quickly manage the most important information in the context of their current time, location, and task.

Key features

  • Offline management of work order, asset, and location data
  • Offline validation of Maximo business rules
  • Automatic or manual syncs based on network availability
  • Manage sync results and perform automatic retry
  • Role-based user experience and business rules, with multiple users per device
  • View and update work order attachments, taking images in the field
  • Highlight important information based on the user, the time, and the location

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