A new dealership

Shockoe helped move the car dealership experience out of the back office and into the hands of the customer.

Solving problems

The agency that managed Nissan’s brand in dealerships throughout Canada wanted to offer ready access to an electronic catalog of car models and accessory options. This could be the tool to connect back-office information to sales reps working the floor and ultimately help calculate cost with fewer barriers.

Originally, a Texas-based software firm had produced an application that had proven to be problematic, so the agency approached Shockoe to give a fresh take on the project.

Redesigning to its fullest potential

Having identified bugs and user experience issues in the original software, the Shockoe Mobile team opted to build much of the application anew. The project involved removing bugs and refactoring the layout, and incorporating Material Design into the application’s pop-up window.

“Shockoe provided a great engagement experience. We felt that we were in good hands from the very first phone call. We look forward to working on more projects with Shockoe.”

– Paul, Business Product Owner

The technology implemented by Shockoe was so successful that it was later translated to other Dominion Enterprise companies including ForRent.com, Remax and ERA.

Right tool for the right job

The final product was a sophisticated reference guide, designed for display on tablets, for Nissan sales staff and potential customers alike. It provided dealerships with current information about available models, associated accessories, and costs.

Armed with this sleek tool, Nissan sales staff could provide potential customers with immediate answers to their questions while remaining present with them in the showroom.

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