Next generation

A thriving financial institution recognized that its vast and tech-savvy workforce was ready for an internal mobile revolution.

Primed for change

The organization had a renowned culture of technological innovation, but its mobile capabilities had yet to evolve fully.

Aware of its employees’ increasing reliance on laptops, tablets, and phones, the bank enlisted Shockoe’s expertise to develop a robust mobile strategy. A successful approach to this transition would require skillful assessment of the organization’s IT infrastructure and thoughtful guidance on the path toward Enterprise Mobility

Spur-of-the-moment work sessions

Shockoe embarked on an initial project that reflected the client’s institutional spirit of spontaneous collaboration. The bank sought a tool that employees could access on their mobile devices to organize small, impromptu gatherings in a dynamic and expansive environment.

In response to this request, Shockoe designed Android and iOS versions of a Huddle App that would enable users to quickly locate and reserve conference rooms. The middleware integrated with the bank’s Meeting Planner to allow users to find any available rooms, view the capacity of each room, and track spaces that had been booked through the Huddle App.

Guiding a mobile transformation

Beyond providing employees with a helpful tool, the project revealed insights that would help shape Shockoe’s efforts in shepherding the bank’s mobile enablement process. Preparing IT teams to manage mobile technology, addressing middleware and IT architecture, and advising on data exposure were among Shockoe’s roles in this transition.

In two-day workshops, called HotHouses, bank employees convened to examine the function of mobile teams and to explore new mobile possibilities. These sessions spawned the Envision program, an initiative to help prioritize and rate the organization’s abundant requests for internal mobile applications including:

A reserve-your-seat tool gave employees the ability to book seats on the company shuttle and facilitated drivers’ management of passenger volume.

A risk-assessment application helped teams gauge the security implications and requirements of a proposed tech project.

A travel and expense tracker offered a convenient way to record business-related costs on the go.

Utilized Technologies

Organizational mobile maturity

With thoughtful planning and the guidance of the Shockoe team, the client reached its goal of cultivating a solid Mobile Enterprise program. It established a well-trained mobile team, created an application roadmap, and built a portfolio of mobile technologies for workplace management and productivity.

The result was both an innovative suite of tools to aid the efforts of a workplace in motion and an infrastructure that could support the organization’s efforts to unite via mobile.

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