QA with AR

A top-producing cabinet manufacturer needed a better way to ensure quality. AR could finally provide it.

Measurable improvement with AR

Given the untested nature of the augmented reality in the space, Shockoe began the relationship with a deep strategic dive to understand the business processes and core systems already in place. Both teams worked jointly to establish objectives and performance metrics to be addressed by a mobile-enabled AR application. The evolving and nascent project was made even more challenging by the inherent issues of AR Kit, a first generation SDK at the time.

Enhancing QA

In order to assess defects in the manufacturing process including chips, dents, scratches, woodgrain issues, sap pockets, or improper staining, existing procedures required installers to carry a stack of labeled transparencies to document the defect. The cumbersome nature of this process, as well as the version control of these sheets, made AR an enticing solution for both the manufacturer, as well as the installer.

AR now grants installers on the field greater precision and efficiency in assessing ‘out of spec’ defects. By using the native benefit of a mobile camera with the augmented layer of capturing measurements and making annotations, installers could relay information back to the manufacturer and capture data to help improve production, assembly, transportation, and installation processes.

Pioneering a tool

The design and development process was iterative as a result of the challenges of pushing the limits of a new and powerful technology. Shockoe worked diligently with the client to fully understand product lines, materials, and the array of possible defects. The team left no stone unturned and spent time on the field shadowing installers to get a better sense of how the app would be used and ensure it would drive the desired behavior and operational outcome.

“We are venerated to develop a practical app using AR Kit to provide innovative utility for the user. We were able to produce a quick proof of concept, and iterate the tool to its high functioning state today.”

– Justin Boswell, Shockoe Developer –

It was this due diligence that ultimately resulted in a streamlined utility application that now serves installers on the field with a better tool and supply chain managers with better oversight.

Utilized Technologies

Success takes more than AR

Shockoe continues to work with the client to advise on strategic initiatives that support the implementation of AR into management processes. Shockoe has taken the role of advisor to better prepare the company for embracing emerging technologies — from backend consulting to mobile strategy, the success of implementing a cutting-edge technology for this company will continue to rely on a well structured digital strategy with mobility at the forefront.

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