Setting the Stage

Virginia Credit Union is one of the 55 largest credit unions in the country. Founded in 1928, the credit union is dedicated to putting members’ needs first. VACU’s app was designed for web enabled smartphone or mobile devices. This app allowed customers to access their account balances, history and pending transactions, scheduled payment options, immediate transfers, and deposit checks. The app also had a GPS for enabling a nation wide branch and ATM locator.

The Solution

Manage Credit Card Balances
Make Payments Due
Access to Rewards Information

What We Created

VACU’s users did not have a way to manage their credit cards in their mobile application and/or their web application. Virginia Credit Union used a third app solution with limited customization options for their Mobile Banking App provided to their members. They looked to Shockoe to add a way to let their members manage their credit cards. Shockoe defined, designed and developed a credit card portal to not only augment its mobile app, but also have a matching portal for the website.


Shockoe completed competitive analysis and a features comparison that resulted in a rigorous UI/UX strategy. We consulted and guided the internal team regarding API strategy, development practices and security. Shockoe then created a credit card portal view inside of the existing application. Although we were faced with an infrastructure that hadn’t taken advantage of the latest and greatest in technology, we were able to deploy a superb user experience amidst the existing technology stack. Our team used an array of popular front-end technologies including Google’s Angular Javascript framework to mimic the look of the current app with the ability for users to switch between different credit cards and manage their balances, make payments due – all while having access to rewards information. 

New features also enabled users to report cards lost or stolen, card activation, balance transfer, turning card on/off, seeing statement balances, minimum payment due, and reward balance. The solution delivered to VACU was responsive in that it not only augmented the mobile application but was also leveraged and embedded into their existing client facing web interface.

Ultimately, this was just a phase 1 in our partnership with VACU. Our roadmap for the credit card portal is a five phase approach to create a native experience with added features which include managing all business credit cards, adding a loan application feature, and overall providing a best in class Credit Union app experience.

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