J.B. Hunt Drive

When you’re delivering a shipment of front-loading, energy efficient washing machines from Des Moines to Detroit, the last thing you need is a delay due to miscommunication. We help drivers get on the road and back to their families, faster.


J.B. Hunt is one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in North America, offering transportation for full-truckload containerized freight throughout the lower 48.

They employ more than 20,000 people, including company employed and independently contracted drivers. Managing operations between that many employees requires a significant investment in mobile productivity applications.


J.B. Hunt’s drivers were using a third-party mobile app that included features that weren’t applicable to their daily tasks. The outdated app architecture meant that customization was difficult and impractical. Additionally, J.B. Hunt recognized a need to create separate group applications that can be used independently from one another.


Shockoe helped J.B. Hunt develop and deploy a set of tools for shippers and carriers that helps both parties monitor business in real-time. Shippers and carriers have access to business critical information in an easy-to-use interface. The system also includes access to a wide range of reports and analytics to help analyze and improve business operations.

Shippers now have a streamlined shipment management system across multiple transit types, a custom dashboard showing business-critical info, ability to track shipments, access to published rates, notifications via text and email, and online customer setup and support.

Carriers have access to find loads, visibility to loads in transit and delivered, settlement reporting, and online carrier setup and support.


Since our initial work with J.B. Hunt on the Drive app, we have completed an additional six engagements with three more projects beginning in early 2018. Our additional work has included strategic and design projects spanning several departments, including human resources, marketing, and IT.

Process & Approach

Shockoe implemented a new approach for third-party libraries that included theming, auto-Refresh (implementing a SQLite/REST sync adapter), offline functionality, and data binding (backbone/Alloy). In addition to developing an independent library, our UX/UI team recreated the design of the application. Finally, we provided consultation as to how JB Hunt could work with integrated teams in an Agile process throughout the entire build: development, design and deploying the Titanium app.

Features & Technologies

  • Customized interface per different role
  • Email, Text, and Push Notifications
  • Mobile Signature
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Cross-platform SDKs
  • Backbone


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