American Express

It takes a lot of people across the globe to process millions of financial transactions daily. Here’s how we helped American Express get their employees connected to make business better.


American Express is the world’s largest card issuer, a premium network for high-spending cardmembers, a processor of millions of transactions daily, and a partner that provides business-building services to a worldwide merchant base.

AMEX focuses on customer satisfaction, striving to make it easier, safer and more rewarding for consumers and companies to purchase the things they need. Doing that correctly takes a lot of people behind the scenes, and all of them need the right tools to do their job efficiently and effectively.


Internal stakeholders at American Express were requesting a large number of custom productivity apps, resulting in a significant production backlog. The AMEX End User Computing-Mobile Team needed a strategic plan to meet existing app demand while properly planning for the production of future apps using new technologies (voice, connected devices, etc).


Shockoe worked with American Express to identify, design, and communicate processes that would improve mobile delivery across the organization. This included:

  • Creating a comprehensive Mobile Playbook to consolidate and communicate standards, procedures, and best practices
  • Building an App Roadmap for critical apps required by the business
  • Creating an Idea Generator app to spur innovation


Following our initial engagement with American Express, we have had two additional engagements, resulting in two apps and a strategic deliverable.

Process & Approach

Shockoe conducted a current state mobile assessment, assessing the existing level of mobile maturity and reviewing current standards and practices. From there, the team identified key areas to target for improvement and determined how best to communicate the results throughout the organization.

With this in place, Shockoe defined resources, budget, and timeline for the following governance initiatives: Mobile Advisory Council, Mobile Capability Center (MCC or center of excellence), resource plans, standards and processes for project initiation, technologies, design/dev/test practices, compliance, security, and support.

Features & Technologies

  • Digital Playbook
  • Series of Native Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Governing Board
  • Increased Dev Compliance
  • Native iOS and Android
  • Google Services
  • Azure Cloud
  • Push Notifications
  • MEAN Stack

“We have fully identified and engaged the Mobile Advisory Council and have had 3 meetings to date. We are getting the support we need. We have made some changes to the playbook based on user feedback. Overall, I think the program is going very well.”

Bruce J., Program Manager – Mobile Security and Governance, End User Computing

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