A.C. Moore

Retail Inventory Management App

Pipe-cleaners aren’t going to put themselves on the shelf. That’s why we wanted to make inventory management less of a chore for the employees of A.C. Moore.


Avid crafters know that A.C. Moore is the place to go for arts, crafts, and floral merchandise.

What they may not realize is that at any given time, a single A.C. Moore location can have up to 40,000 unique items in stock. That takes a lot of people and processes behind the scenes to keep everything in order.

Unfortunately, A.C. Moore’s employees were using outdated hardware and software that hindered more than helped. The slow tech, dated user interface, and unwieldy devices meant that inventory management was not only a chore, it was incredibly inefficient—adding significant time and cost to the process.


Despite recognizing the need to upgrade their inventory management system, A.C. Moore relied heavily on their legacy tools to keep in-store operations running smoothly. Any system downtime during upgrading meant risking the potential loss of revenue. Additionally, any modern best-in-class software wouldn’t be compatible with their older hardware. Therefore, a new system could mean significant investments in newer devices. Given this, A.C. Moore was concerned that the cost to upgrade their existing hardware and software would outweigh the benefits. A.C. Moore challenged Shockoe to create a solution that met operational needs in a cost-effective manner.


A.C. Moore partnered with Shockoe to make a more streamlined, modern user interface that would increase employee efficiency during inventory management. Targeting easily obtainable and cost-effective Android and iOS devices, Shockoe built a web-based inventory management application that is flexible and easily accessible. With a strong focus on usability, the application allows employees to perform tasks more efficiently, increasing both productivity and employee satisfaction.


After a quick trial release at a flagship store in Philadelphia, A.C. Moore rolled the new inventory and asset management app to all of their 136 locations with resoundingly positive feedback. According to their CIO, “every store has 4 of the new devices with the app, and each one wants 5 more.”

The application has continued to grow in feature-set. Shockoe built a Pinterest plug-in so that employees could quickly view and share popular projects with customers, and several more releases are in the works.

Process & Approach

Shockoe met early and often with A.C. Moore’s IT and Operations teams to establish goals and project requirements. From there, we interviewed store employees to better understand their pain-points and daily challenges. With this information, our UX/UI design team was able to craft a clear path forward for designing an optimal user experience that is clean, user-friendly, and visually appealing. Through improved navigation and functionality, the application allows the employees to increase their productivity and efficiency compared to the old system.

With the designs in place, Shockoe’s engineering team leveraged the MEAN stack to replace the old application using modern platforms such as Angular 2 and Node JS. Shockoe also built the API that connects the new system to A.C. Moore’s existing database, allowing seamless integration with legacy back-end systems. Once the new inventory management app and system was built and tested, Shockoe provided guidance on deployment and mobile device management strategy.

Features & Technologies

  • Honeywell mobile scanner
  • Product information, Qty, and pricing
  • Store planogram and inventory lookup
  • Cycle count management
  • Angular 2 + Cordova Wrapper
  • MongoDB + NodeJS
  • Honeywell scanning devices
  • Custom built product databases

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