Inventory Management Solution

A.C. Moore is a specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise in over 130 stores.
With merchandise SKUs consisting of more than 60,000 stock keeping units with 40,000 SKUs offered at each store at any one time. A.C. Moore looked to build a strategy to replace the current Inventory Management Scan guns and increase user adoption rates with a simple user interface design

The Challenge

A.C. Moore was in search of a way to drive efficiency and effectiveness in managing their inventory and stocking system.

The cost to upgrade the hardware and software the current technology stack was built on outweighed the benefits, furthermore, due to the hardware age, currently best in class software could not be used. The final challenge was uptime, employees relied on this technology for in-store operations and A.C. Moore could not risk system down time.

Key Issues Identified

Slow application processing speed which impacted employees’ productivity.

Poor user experience associated with complicated screen flows and a dated user interface.

Multiple issues associated with the gun hardware including low battery life, difficult readability under fluorescent lights, and difficult handling due to the gun’s large size.

The Result

Shockoe designed an application focused on usability, which allowed employees to perform tasks quicker, increasing both productivity and employee satisfaction. Employees are now able to use a mobile web application on either Android and iOS devices offering increased flexibility and access. They are benefitting from using an intuitive interface that functions quickly on a much lighter device when performing key in-store functions.

Shockoe not only met with A.C. Moore’s IT and Operations stakeholders to establish goals fro the project but also met with employees in the stores to understand their challenges first-hand. This effectively informed the Shockoe UX/UI team to design an optimal user experience for employees. The application is clean and visually appealing. Navigation is easy to follow and the functionality that’s used most is within closest reach.

Shockoe leveraged the MEAN stack to replace the existing application with the most current mobile solution utilizing Angular 2 and Node JS and built the API to connect to the database and provided guidance on the mobile device management approach.

Case Study PDF
Scan Inventory Directly on Application
Manage Inventory from iOS or Android Device
View Product Information, Quantity and Pricing

Key Features

Honeywell Mobile Scanner

Product Information, Qty, and Pricing

Store Planogram and Inventory Lookup

Cycle Count Management

Key Technology

Angular 2 + Cordova Wrapper

MongoDB + NodeJS

Honeywell Scanning Devices

Custom Built Product Databases

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