Having a Vision that Impacts the World

by Oct 4, 2018

On this episode, we invite Andy Stefanovich – corporate curator and provocateur – to the Shockoe office as we talk about what it means to challenge business leaders and how it can deliver innovation for clients.

What is Mobile By Design?

This show was started by Shockoe, a mobile app development shop based in Richmond, Virginia whose goal is helping companies create better tools to improve utility for their customers and employees. We’re a podcast about all things technology, business, and design.


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In this episode you will hear more on:


  • How does one help executives think about how to think about what they’re thinking about?
  • From founding Play, how did this innovation and strategy firm forge the entrepreneurial spirit in Richmond?
  • How does one inspire executives of massive enterprises all over the world be empathetic and do good in the world?
  • Andy’s reach goes very far – why is Richmond the proud hometown and why has this not changed?
  • Seldom do you see a junior position as a provocateur – What’s the career path of someone like you and what does being a provocateur really mean?
  • Where does tech fit in the brand and innovation strategy? Where do you see the intersection of brand and tech? Especially for some of the big name companies you’ve worked with like Coca-Cola, Gap, and GE.
  • Brands and technology have so much leverage in our world. How do we make sure leaders align empathy, responsibility, and ethics with clients, works and humanity?

Thank you for listening! This podcast is produced and directed by Olya Polishchuk. Our host is Mason Brown. Follow us on Twitter @shockoe and Instagram @shockoe_rva


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