Enterprise Mobile and API Solutions with Axway

At Shockoe, we specialize in developing mobile solutions across multiple industries.  Companies today make the mistake of implementing mobility solutions without an overall strategy for development, deployment, and hosting. Shockoe is an enterprise solution company that takes a consulting approach to address our client’s strategy and goals.  We work with our clients to determine the best mobile solution that will allow them to maximize Digital Engagement and their ROI.

The partnership with Axway allows Shockoe to focus on:

  • Deploy cross platform solutions ready for for cloud, mobile, and IOT

  • New ways to support the never ending demands to expose data to mobile apps and other devices

  • Build and host data in the middle-ware and back-end seamlessly and effortlessly

Shockoe is working with businesses like Southeastern Grocers, JB Hunt, and Arrow Electronics to help establish and quickly adopt Axway’s API and Mobile Platforms.

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Shockoe uses Axway’s Appcelerator platform, a leading Mobile App Development Platform, designed for cross platform app development, testing, performance management, and analytics tracking.  Appcelerator gives us is everything we need to build and release apps at an accelerated pace., including:

  • Speed time to market with native cross-platform app development and testing

  • Connect to any data source in minutes via mobile-optimized APIs

  • Drive user engagement and app success with real-time mobile analytics

Build Apps at the Speed of Mobile


  • Verify mobile apps with full mobile test automation to deliver with velocity and quality
  • Eliminate labor intensive and error-prone manual testing and increase test coverage on all devices and OSs by 10x
  • Build great, binary native apps that run across every major mobile OS
  • Combine and normalize data from multiple sources and convert to mobile formats through APIs, models, and connectors
  • See detailed performance, crash and exception information to quickly identify, pinpoint and fix app issues
  • Get real-time visibility into app and user behavior plus delivery metrics like release rate and test coverage
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Boost your Digital Integration

Innovate Faster and Create New Opportunities by

  • Building the capabilities and functions to work with existing exchanges patterns — internal, external and between partners — using the same solution components
  • Scaling and consolidating very large data flow volumes and establishing a repository of all flows being executed
  • Employing APIs to integrate smoothly with existing technologies such as ESBs, Job Scheduler, NAS copy disk systems and others
  • Easing application integration and consumption by partners using APIs
  • Leveraging APIs to expose all exchange capabilities in a simple and holistic way to partners, consumers and applications
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Amplify Platform:  Ready for Omni-Everything

Create a Customer Experience Network

  • Secure and agile data integration foundation built to accelerate the pace of DevOps.
  • Turn siloed data streams into a single, manageable infrastructure that moves as fast as you want.
  • Full API lifecycle management for enterprise architects, developers, security engineers, and integration managers.
  • End-to-end visibility and business-oriented metrics that let you predict unexpected situations, make optimal decisions and measure performance for continuous improvement.
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Axway Imagine Summit

May 1 – 3 in Atlanta, GA

Axway’s largest summit focus on the future of digital businesses as they relate to the end-user

API Management Workshop

April 27th in Richmond, VA

Understand the Vital Role API Play in the Connected Enterprise

API Webinar Series

July 11, August 9, and September 19

Learn how to set up, build, and manage an Enterprise API Portfolio that will enable your team to succeed in the digital age

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