Sales Development Consultant/Rep (SDR)

High growth, leading edge firm focused on redefining the integration and utilization of mobile technologies for businesses. Shockoe is a leader in the development of mobile app technology, working with some of the top brands in the world. Mobile apps are focused on generating revenue through mobile channels, improving employee productivity, and strengthening supply chain performance.

Being a Sales Development Rep

Sales Development Consultant/Rep (SDR) – primary purpose is to prospect via outbound emails and phone calls, conduct qualifying phone calls, and conduct initial Discovery calls to understand the potential of a project. Upon identifying a qualified project, the SDR will coordinate the participation of the Shockoe technical team during the remainder of the sales process.

Primary position responsibilities:

  • Mine the customer database to create outbound email/phone call campaigns targeting CTOs and CIOs in specific industry sectors, focused on their typical business problems. The goal is to distribute 500 emails/phone calls each month in order to surface qualified leads and fill the sales funnel.
  • Upon receiving a positive response from outbound emails and phone calls, SDR will conduct a call to qualify the prospect. If a prospect is qualified and has a valid project opportunity, the SDR will conduct a Discovery call during which project objectives are obtained. If a prospect is qualified but not in the buying mode, SDR adds contacts to the database for future marketing.
  • As a means to nurture the prospect database, Shockoe conducts frequent webinars and online panels to educate the marketplace about how to integrate and capitalize on mobile app development. The SDR is responsible for communicating with the database of prospects to achieve desired attendance levels.
  • SDR constantly nurtures the database of prospects to move “marketing-qualified-leads” (MQLs) to “sales-qualified-leads” (SQLs).

Life working at Shockoe:

  • Focused on your career growth – you will learn, develop your career, hone your sales and marketing skills, and be an important part of success – Shockoe will add to this learning by providing a learning and growth package, including lunch and learn events
  • Collaborative team environment – you will collaborate with your teammates and interact with our clients – all while being based out of our Richmond, VA office. Part of this team environment is company social events every 6-8 weeks.
  • Compensation – you will have a very competitive comp package that is a combination of base salary and incentive comp. The mix is approximately 50-50. Incentive comp is earned on the results of sales activities and not specifically on the amount of revenue from closed deals.
  • Benefits package – you will participate in a comprehensive benefits package, including a matching 401K plan

Position Qualifications:

  • At least 3+ years experience working as an enterprise B2B sales rep in the technology services space
  • Ability to collaborate with customers about how technology can solve business problems
  • Ability to understand and successfully promote Shockoe’s technical offerings
  • Clear and professional written and verbal communications skill