Inventory & Asset Management Apps

Supply chain success relies on effective inventory management; seeking out new and innovative ways to improve processes, technologies, and efficiencies. That's where Shockoe comes in.

Bring Emerging Mobile Tech to Your Operation

Whether you’re looking for a custom inventory management toolset or looking to improve upon an existing system, we’ve got you covered. If you want to discuss what custom means for your business, we’re all ears.

Why Go Custom?

While many out-of-the-box inventory management applications can be successful short-term solutions, they often fail to account for the unique considerations inherent to business growth.

We believe that software and hardware should be tailored to fit your existing business, and we can help build the tool that will scale with your operation’s success.

Leveraging Mobile Utility

So don’t just take our word for it. Our client stories are a testament to the benefits of custom mobile, and we’re happy to share why that is.

An electronics distributor

Mobile Powered WMS

Having a customized, flexible, and efficient warehouse management system is critical for keeping things moving. But it isn’t just about managing and moving inventory, it’s about tracking, communicating, collecting, and analyzing your operation’s data. See how we helped an already outstanding electronics distributor take yet another step to stay ahead of its industry.

A.C. Moore

Retail Inventory Management

Being able to operate both lean and efficiently is critical to retail success. The less time your employees spend counting items and placing them on shelves, the more time they can devote to customers already loyal to your brand. Accuracy and speed are critical. FIFO, LIFO, Just-in-Time — none of it matters without the perfect inventory tracking mechanism. See how Shockoe helped A.C. Moore embrace mobile and improve efficiency in an increasingly challenging retail space.

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