The Impact of mobile in financial services

Delivering enhanced customer experiences through connected Mobile applications


Today’s digital consumers have higher expectations of their financial institution than ever before. To succeed, banks and credit unions will need to find innovative approaches to attract and retain customers and employees alike. 

How to improve your engagement 

Most organizations need to look outside of the traditional finance industry for guidance. That means hiring designers, user-experience (US) professionals, fintech developers, and innovators – that’s where Shockoe’s experience and industry leadership can play a part in your team’s success.

Mobile Apps Redefine Utility

Our upcoming panel will cover how to set a foundation for a successful mobile strategy and dive deep into trends that are redefining utility in banking, finance, and insurance. If you’re interested in learning which trends are disrupting the financial service industry and how companies are preparing and adjusting, join our live Q&A discussion >



When it comes to strategy, industry knowledge and execution, Shockoe is diligently blazing the path in both innovation and industry leadership.

The Impact of GDPR

What’s trending

GDPR and How Mobile Should Prepare

It’s not just the EU that needs to worry — GDPR will affect developers at a global level The European Union GDPR, set to take effect on May 25th of 2018 will have a larger impact than the assumed immediacy of the European Union. What this means for mobile...

Adjustments to Your Bank’s UX Strategy

Among the sea of social media apps, news apps, and photo book-making apps I use - I have three kids! -  is my mobile banking app. I bank at a "traditional" or "retail" bank, meaning it has branches, versus an online-only bank. That being said, I never go...

Industry updates

2018 Banking Industry Outlook

2018 could be a pivotal year in accelerating the transformation into more strategically focused, technologically modern, and operationally agile institutions, so that they may remain dominant in a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Modernizing transaction banking

Regulatory burdens, disruptive technologies, changing customer expectations, and innovative banking competitors are signs that the industry needs to modernize transaction banking.

Success or shutdown: Is your digital ecosystem effort on the right path?

Are you a big bank, insurer or a payment provider with a large team focused on building a digital ecosystem? Take a look at these insights for financial services organizations