The full scope of mobile

From finance to retail, end-user to corporate, your team's mobile strategy is a way to redefine the digital ecosystem

Financial Services

Mobile is the new status quo for banks and insurers — which now means staying ahead of the curve is essential. Shockoe’s focus on user experience and technology innovation means we can help your company keep a competitive edge while helping your customers do more.

Shockoe is playing a critical role with banks and insurers to innovate their next mobile hit — click here to learn more about our impact in:


  • Exposing Data (Open APIs)
  • Enhanced Security
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Personalized Apps
  • Alternative UI (AI, AR, Voice)

Consumer Business

When it comes to consumer retail, it’s not just customers that are turning to mobile. Managers, HR, Logistics, and Marketing all stand to benefit from the latest mobile innovations to improve processes and customer engagement.

Shockoe’s dedication to innovation means we stand to help businesses cultivate ongoing success in a changing digital landscape. Give us a shout if you would like to discuss:


  • Big data
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile logistics
  • Immersive Media trends like Virtual Reality


Manufacturers are tackling an array of growth-based challenge through innovative platforms including ERPs, EAMs, and IMSs — with so many avenues to grow, knowing where to start is not always easy. Find out more about digital transformation trends in your industry.

Shockoe starts every project the same way: we listen. With a firm strategy to work from, Shockoe helps design processes and applications to help streamline:


  • Resource management
  • Production monitoring
  • Data accuracy & analysis
  • Production center automation

Energy & Resources

Energy providers are increasingly turning to technology to modernize and innovate. Shockoe has worked with clients to maximize operational assets and optimizing the energy industry value chain. We are working with our clients knowing that the future of energy will be built by mobile systems — utilities today will face a digital transformation tomorrow. When it comes to energy and resource production, we’re excited by the potential.

Shockoe starts every project the same way — we listen. We then deploy strategy, processes, and deliverables with the end goal of streamlining:


  • Driving field workforce productivity
  • Operational efficiency
  • On-site and real-time work order management

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Our experience and core services include strategy & transformation, user experience & design, mobile application development, and API management.