After the January Game Jam, I wrote about previously, I found out about @McFunkyPants one game a month and decided to jump on board!  I was able to use Audiball as my January submission and got to work on February’s game.  After spending last semester learning Unity and furthering my experience with this amazing tool at the Global Gamejam, I decided to continue developing with Unity.  I was looking for a fairly simple concept for February’s game and eventually decided on game design with similar mechanics to Pacman.  The twist I introduced was a randomly generated graph which allowed the maze to criss-cross in different ways.

Throughout the month of February, I had a lot of ideas about how to develop the idea, but couldn’t try them all!  The result is a fairly playable version I titled, “Red Node Attendant”.  The Player must get to all of the red nodes on the graph; traveling along the edges without backtracking or running into the yellow enemies.  Some gameplay changes occur as your score improves.  I had a blast making this game and look forward to the next one.  RVAGameJams is hosting another game jam this weekend called Flow Jam.  Hopefully, we’ll see some great new Flow Themed games get made!  Interested in learning more Unity or working on a Unity project? I’d like to talk to you!

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