Clutch Names Shockoe a Top Developer in Virginia

by Aug 8, 2019

Align Mobile Technology to Human Behavior

Shockoe brings a holistic view of what it take to bring emerging technology to the edge. We bring a deep experience in mobile apps and the latest in AR and voice technology. Understanding the changing world of software development and our dedicated team of developers, designers, and strategists are what have allowed Shockoe to stand out in the industry for almost a decade. It is clear through our final products that we have chosen the right profession and aren’t going anywhere. We are thrilled to announce that in a recent report, Clutch named us as a top developer in Virginia, for the second year in a row, out of thousands of other agencies!

“Being recognized by Clutch as a Clutch Leader is an honor and confirmation of the work we are doing with our clients. At Shockoe, we know that jobs come in many shapes and sizes: Managing a warehouse? Shopping for groceries? On-the-clock or not, work is work. That’s why we build apps that make work easier—so that people can have more time for the things they care about.”

-Alejandro Otanez, COO

Who is Clutch

They are a B2B ratings and reviews site that works to connect businesses to service providers around the world. Their team of analysts conduct in depth research on aspects such as company market presence, work quality, and most importantly, client experience. Clutch analysts interview former clients of service providers over the phone, publishing the raw feedback onto the provider’s public Clutch profile. We’ve received an unprecedented amount of positive reviews (11 to be exact) and have secured a top position among leading developers.

We are also featured on The Manifest as a leader in our industry! The Manifest is a Clutch sister site that publishes business news and how-to guides with practical business advice for firms of all sizes. Visual Objects is another sister platform that allows businesses to showcase their visual portfolio to potential buyers.

Our achievements thus far have come about as a result of our hard work and dedication, which fortunately runs abound in Shockoe! We look forward to growing our presence on Clutch and encourage you to read more about the latest Shockoe news on our blog!

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Ryan Waltz

Ryan Waltz

Junior Marketing Analyst

Ryan graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia . She is skilled in communication, staffing services, Spanish, and social media. When not at Shockoe, Ryan runs her own wedding photography business & can be found hanging with her cat Kai.